The U-Watch Executive Committee have all resigned their posts. If anyone is interested in serving on the new interim committee to establish a neighbourhood watch, please get in touch.

U-Watch Neighbourhood Watch:

U-Watch is the neighbourhood watch representing the neighbourhoods of Walmer Estate, Upper Woodstock and University Estate in Cape Town.
The neighbourhood watch has been set up in 2012 in response to rising crime levels in the Woodstock area, and residents have stepped up to create a safer neighbourhood for everyone to enjoy.

We encourage everyone in the neighbourhood to join the neighbourhood watch and get involved in reducing the crime levels and improving safety in our area. Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour, get to know your neighbours and be observant. Together with all our residents, local SAPS and our partnering security companies ADT and C.B.A.R., we can send a clear message to criminals operating in our area and create public awareness with regard to safety and crime prevention.